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Perfect Touch is a leader in massage therapy with over 7 years of experience in providing PREMIUM tantric massage services. The services offered are at the standards of international salons, offering you absolute discretion and confidentiality. Furthermore, we also have particularly high standards in terms of good taste and cleanliness, which is why we constantly pay attention to every detail and ensure that everything about our salon is impeccably clean and hygienic. Experience has taught us to conceive of services as a whole consisting of what you like, what you need and what you want! Any service chosen for the erotic massage category is performed in luxurious conditions, so that you, as clients, can benefit from a relaxing environment in the company of our charming masseurs.

An exclusive place, with luxurious facilities, with a team of professional masseurs and an exquisite and suggestive offer for all kinds of massages. An oasis of pleasure where you can escape from the frenetic pace of Alicante.

At Perfect Touch, we have developed an extensive massage menu capable of bringing out the most intense sensations and pleasures. Each massage is designed to satisfy the client and stimulate the five senses, enjoying physical and mental pleasure in the most sensual way possible.

Our masseurs are based on a fusion of oriental techniques encompassed in tantra, an ancient oriental tradition that uses sensual desire in order to achieve the well-being of the spirit.

We will endeavor to fulfill your wishes so that you do not hesitate to visit us again.


And now that you know how we  work and what we can offer is time to have your moment of relax. ¿What is the first that you choose?

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Perfect Touch

C/ Santo Domingo 3, Alicante

C/ Santo Domingo 3, Alicante

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  • Monday - Friday 11:00h - 20:00h
  • Saturday-Sunday Closed


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